Our Approach

At Summit View Wealth, we believe in real, down-to-earth, honest conversations that will help you achieve the things you want for yourself and those you hold  most dear. The members of our team live and work in the communities we serve. Mutual fit and authenticity are integral to the success of a plan, that is why each of us takes pride in spending quality time with our clients to truly understand what is important to them, what's going on in their lives and how confident they are in their financial plans.

Our firm's goal is to provide premier financial guidance to our clients and be an exceptional place to work for our employees. We understand the importance of purpose and fulfillment in life, and especially in retirement. Our team focuses on financial psychology and purposeful retirement.

As we continue to grow to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients, we consistently strive to honor the firm's core philosophies:




Team members who advise our clients are required to maintain the designation of "Accredited Investment Fiduciary®" (AIF®). As fiduciaries, we act with honesty, integrity and avoid any conflicts of interest.



We encourage clients to begin their financial wellness journey with education. We educate and work collaboratively with our clients to build a plan that will meet the goals they care most about. We are committed to the continuing education of our team and support them to ensure they are exceptionally equipped to provide clients with suitable guidance and advice while meeting their personal career goals.



Summit View Wealth Management is an independent and locally owned firm whose loyalty lies exclusively with our valued clients and whose focus is solely on those clients' needs and best interests.



We go the extra mile for every client regardless. Instilling and maintaining the confidence of our clients that we handle all matters with diligence and care is our top priority.

Our Team

Our Services


Financial Planning

Summit View Wealth is committed to learning and understanding each of our client's unique needs and wishes. We will work together to build a comprehensive financial plan that will encompass and address the matters that weigh most heavily on our clients' minds.


Retirement Income Strategies

Deciding when to retire and how to source retirement income is a huge undertaking. Oftentimes, our team comes across clients who are approaching retirement with much apprehension; understandably so as most people only retire once. The Summit View Team has guided hundreds of clients on their retirement journey. Our experience reduces their stress, increases their confidence and leads them on a path to a more fulfilling retirement.


Investment Planning

Summit View is expansive enough to offer a full range of services and access to extensive investment opportunities, exceptional independent research and sophisticated investment management strategies that are all built around our clients' goals. Our firm is based on fiduciary duty, integrity and holistic, personalized solutions. We have no loyalty to any money manager or company; only to our clients.


Plan Assessments

Our team will examine and analyze existing financial strategies and plans. Once we have a thorough understanding of where a client is currently and where they aspire to be, we then recommend the best approach to make their money last throughout their retirement years while maintaining the lifestyle they envision. Sometimes this means sticking with their current plan, at other times we may advise relevant and beneficial adjustments. Everyone's financial masterpiece is uniquely their own.

Our Compensation

One-Time Plan


A fully comprehensive financial assessment and plan where your financial and retirement goals will be clearly defined. We will make recommendations based upon our analysis of how you're currently pacing towards your goals. You, then, are responsible for implementing any changes to your plan if you choose to do so.

Fee-based Clients

Tiered Fee Schedule

We will earn your trust through a fully comprehensive financial assessment and plan where your financial and retirement goals will be clearly defined. We will make recommendations based upon our analysis of how you're currently pacing towards your goals. Once we have agreed upon the next step in the implementation of your plan, you'll work closely with our Onboarding Specialist to ensure the consolidation of your accounts to Summit View is as simple as possible for you.

If you become a fee-based client, all planning fees will be waived as those services are included for all of our fee-based clients. Ongoing financial planning and strategy meetings will occur either quarterly, bi-annually, or annually depending on your preference. We are your go-to for any and all finance-related questions.