As an independent financial services firm Summit View Wealth Management is positioned to invest in areas that are specifically focused on our clients' needs — and not tied to any big organization. We select the resources that we believe are solely and completely in your best interests, using open-architecture technology. We uphold our absolute fiduciary responsibilities in all client relationships.



Megan Burgess

Chief Inspiration Officer

You’ll see her smile before she enters the room. She strives to be a shoulder to lean on in times of need. If you have a problem, she will solve it. She’s compassionate, selfless, inspirational, innovative, optimistic, the queen of adaptability, and the beating heart of our team—our Chief Inspiration Officer, Megan Burgess.

For more than 20 years, Megan has been creating and maintaining systems, leading and building strong teams, and flourishing in business development and team performance.

On the weekends, you may have a hard time finding her because she is probably on a fun adventure with her family. If you need any sort of remedy for yourself, your child, your dog—Megan is your girl.

Megan is a proud mom, wife, role model, friend and Penn State Nittany Lion.

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Brad Tiche CFP®, ChFC®, AIF®, RICP®

Retirement Income Architect

He is a committed expert in his field with ambitions that are driven by his passion of sharing knowledge for the greater good. His focus, vitality, discipline, determination and exuberance for life is contagious. He’s our Lead Advisor, Retirement Income Strategist and Financial Architect, Brad Tiche.

Brad had a vision, and when he has a vision, good luck trying to stop him. He envisioned creating a company whose sole existence was to guide individuals and families through impactful seasons of their lives, namely retirement. For the past 30 years, he has been doing just that. Brad’s subjective view of the world and adaptability allow him to work with his clients to instill confidence in living a purposeful, fulfilling life in retirement.

Brad is a proud father, farmer, leader and Penn State Nittany Lion.

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Kacey Northrup MBA, AIF®, AFC®

Purposeful Retirement Coach

Her ability for empathizing with and understanding your situation and aspirations is unparalleled. When you’re feeling anxious about your future, she will immediately put you at ease by being your biggest supporter, cheerleader and financial counselor. If you’ve been searching for someone who can help figure out what is important to you, you’ve found her— our Purposeful Retirement Coach, Kacey Northrup.

She has dedicated her career to working with clients to create digestible, practical and exciting plans, from both a financial and fulfilling standpoint, ensuring smooth transitions throughout the various seasons of life.

Her passion shines through in everything she does whether it be with family, friends, work, being a dog mom, or living a purposeful life. She’s never met a craft she didn’t like or shied away from a good ole fashion heart-to-heart.

Kacey is a proud daughter, wife, dog mom, friend, Kent State Golden Flash and St. Bonaventure Bonnie.

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Kevin Callahan AIF®

Strategy Specialist

He is genuine, caring and has an unmatched ability to make others feel safe and secure. Integrity, authenticity, purposeful living are his top priorities. With a unique ability to see both the details and the big picture, he can grasp matters from a wide perspective. He’s our Strategy Specialist, Kevin Callahan.

Kevin’s biggest passion, and the impetus of his career path, is helping clients achieve financial wellness. While he enjoys and values the dedicated time, he spends talking you through your financial strategies and progress, another place you may find him is on the golf course.

Kevin is a proud son, uncle, dog dad, Ace and Edinboro Fighting Scot.

Jessica Colamarino

Client Concierge

You’ll likely be drawn to her magnetic personality, energy and charisma. She’s an expert multitasker and can problem solve on the fly. With her laser focus, she can accomplish more in one hour than most can in a day. She’s our schedule juggler and Client Concierge, Jessica Colamarino.

With over 14 years of experience, she’s no stranger to operations and human resources. Jessica is a master of defining, creating, and executing operational processes and systems—she may even work on this in her spare time (when she’s not making Chipotle runs or coaching her son’s baseball team).

Jessica is a proud mom, wife, coach, and Kent State Golden Flash.

Kathleen Mock

Client Concierge

Kathy’s love for helping clients work towards financial wellness has been evident throughout her 30+ years in the finance industry. The relationships she forms with clients are undoubtedly strong due to her expertise and diligence in fulfilling client requests. In 2022, the Summit View team joined forces with Mint Capital Advisors, and Kathy seamlessly became an integral part of our team.

Kathy is a Client Service and Operations Team member and works closely with individuals and businesses to service their existing accounts.

She is Johnstown native who enjoys scrapbooking, crafting, participating in local craft shows, watching sports, and spending time with her beautiful family.

Kathy may be reached at



Our Strategic Partners


We are committed to offering a holistic approach to achieving your financial goals and plans. Our strategic partners are subject matter experts; we work in tandem with them as appropriate and coordinate all conversations.


Thomas Golden, MST, CPA

Chris McGonigle

Medicare Consultant

Steve Goodman

Mortgage Advisor

Slade R. Miller

Slade R. Miller, Esq.


Our Strategic Partners are not registered/affiliated with Cambridge and can not offer securities or advisory services.